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Advantech Europe B.V
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Advantech offers a wide range of (mobile) POS systems with peripherals designed based on specific and specialized needs from customers. In addition we have fanless all in one computers for interactive digital signage and intelligent service applications. The UTC-series can be easily integrated with multiple peripherals for a diversity of hospitality and retail applications.

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UTC-500 series

UTC-500 series features an all-in-one computing system equipped with wide format, touch based LCD panel. It is easy to integrate key peripherals and display systems for diversified self-service and...

UTC-300 series

UTC-300 series are the multi-purpose all-in-one computing system which are equipped with wide format, touch based LCD panel. With the removable frame , the system also could fulfill industries or ...


Stylish POS system with slim and borderless front touch panel for maximized viewing area and IP-65-rated for water and dust protection

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Digital Signage/Touchscreens | Epos Terminals | Hand-Held Terminals | Kiosks | Self-Checkout


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Apr 20, 2017

Mobile POS tablet system - AIM-37

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Advantech, a leading industrial computing platform provider, is pleased to announce AIM-37, a 10.1” industrial-grade mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) tablet. Powered by an Intel® Atom™ quad-core processor that supports both Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Android 6.0.1 operating systems, the AIM-37’s surprisingly thin and lightweight design ensures maximum portability for mobile operations. The scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 touchscreen offers a mean time before failure (MTBF) of up to 12,000 hours and support for gloved operation. The embedded 7,900 mAh battery provides up to 8 hours operation, and the IP54-rated front panel protects the systemfrom water and dust. The inclusion of an embedded pogo pin connector allows AIM-37 to be combined with a charging cradle/docking station in order to function as a mini POS system. Additionally, AIM-37 can be integrated with a wide range of peripherals, including a 2D barcode scanner, magnetic stripe reader and IC card reader to support various retail and hospitality applications as well as inventory management or self-service operations.

Industrial-Grade Device Offers Enhanced Performance
AIM-37 is an industrial-grade mobile POS tablet designed to provide a superior device for mobile computing. The inclusion of an Intel® Atom™ quad-core processor that supports both Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Android 6.0.1 provides AIM-37 with the capacity for high-performance computing and data processing, while ensuring flexibility for diverse applications. The scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 touchscreen features anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, and palm rejection technology that enhance the system accuracy and ease of use, while the MTBF of up to 12,000 hours ensures system reliability and long-term stability. Moreover, in addition to supporting 10-point multi-touch and gloved operation, the AIM-37 touchscreen is directly bonded to reduce ray refraction and improve visibility for more comfortable viewing.

Built-in Wireless Technology with Support for Diverse Peripherals
To support cloud-based, mobile, and outdoor operations, AIM-37 is equipped with built-in WLAN and Bluetooth wireless technologies that enable real-time data transmissions, resource tracking, and monitoring. Additionally, AIM-37 integrates a 13.56 MHz RFID (NFC) reader at front side to facilitate mobile applications such as member identification or interaction with mobile phones.

AIM-37 also offers high expandability for diverse applications. The provision of a USB 2.0 Host + DC-IN pogo pin connector facilitates the integration of various peripherals to extend the system functions according to the application requirements. For example, AIM-37 can be integrated with the unique charging cradle with embedded receipt printer to function as a mini POS system for checkout service.

Targeted DesignEnsures Durability and Reliable Operation
The AIM-37 battery supports up to 8 hours operation to provide users with reliable computing for long durations. The system’s IP54-rating for water and dust protection not only eliminates damage from water, oil, and dust, but also prevents water from interfering with the sensor function, making AIM-37 the ideal mobile system for commercial catering and hospitality applications. AIM-37 also has a wide range of accessories, including a hand strap, carry belt, and mounting stand, that can be employed for hands-free use or trolley installation.
Advantech’s AIM-37 mobile POS system plays a key role in the future of smart retail. The system’s unique design and flexible hardware/software configuration offers retailers a simple, mobile solution forbuilding, managing, and growing their business and improving the customer experience.
Key Features
Intel® Atom™ quad-core processor with up to 2 GB of DDR3L memory
Industrial-grade 10.1” WXGA touchscreen with scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 and anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, and palm rejection technology
Supports WLAN,RFID/NFC, and Bluetooth technology plus optional magnetic swipe and IC card readers, and 2D barcode scanner.
Supports Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Android 6.0.1 operating systems
Supports 10-point multi-touch and gloved operation for enhanced usability
IP54 rating for protection from water and dust Battery provides up to 8 hours operation

Apr 20, 2017

UTC-510 10" All-in-One Touch Computer with PoE support

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Advantech, a leading provider of embedded platform solutions, is pleased to announce the newest model of its UTC series - UTC-510D(PoE), which features Power-over-Ethernet(PoE) capabilities. Equipped with a fourth-generation Intel® Celeron® N2807/J1900 processor and up to 8 GB of memory, UTC-510D(PoE) is a multi-purpose all-in-one computer with a 10.1” TFT LCD and 16:10 aspect ratio. The system’s fanless design and enhanced input voltage (12 ~ 24 V) and operating temperature (0 ~ 45 °C) provide industrial-grade reliability to ensure stable operation in harsh environments. Similarly, the IP65-rated front panel protects the system from damage due to water and dust, thereby extending the product’s lifecycle. In addition to rich I/O that includes dual Gigabit Ethernet, two RS-232 COMs, and up to five USB ports for flexible expansion, UTC-510D (PoE) supports customization according to specific application requirements. The built-in 5M camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, and ability to integrate diverse optional peripherals make UTC-510D(PoE) ideal for use as self-service kiosks, price/inventory checking systems, customer feedback terminals, equipment control systems, meeting room management platforms, interactive information displays, and smart facility control terminals. Furthermore, UTC-510D(PoE) supports multiple OS, including Windows® Embedded Standard 7, Windows® Embedded Standard 8, Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB 2016, Embedded Linux Ubuntu 14.04, and Android 4.4.2, ensuring high compatibility for multiple applications.

Enhanced Industrial-Grade Design with PoE Support Offers Superior Performance
Powered by a fourth-generation Intel® Celeron® N2807/J1900 processor and equipped with 8 GB of DDR3L memory, UTC-510D(PoE) is a competitively priced solution that delivers industrial-grade performance. Compared to the previous iteration, UTC-510D, Advantech’s latest UTC-510D(PoE) model is equipped with PoE technology, eliminating the need for additional conduits and electrical wiring and facilitating more convenient installation. Additionally, UTC-510D(PoE) supports a wider input voltage range (12 ~ 24 V) as well as a wider operating temperature range of 0 to 45 °C to satisfy industrial application requirements and ensure flexible integration in diverse, potentially harsh operating environments.

Multiple Mounting Options Ensure Flexible and Convenient Installation
Like the rest of the UTC series, the UTC-510D(PoE) is a fanless system, which ensures quiet operation and reduces the accumulation of dust and foreign contaminants. The front panel is IP65 certified for water and dust protection, while the system’s low power consumption offers reduced costs and superior energy efficiency. The system’s bezel-free design makes UTC-510D(PoE) a comparatively thinner and slimmer computing platform. Moreover, the system is compatible with a variety of mounting options, such as table stands and wall mount kits, to ensure flexible installation. With recessed wall mounting, the UTC-510D(PoE) front panel can be made completely flush with the surrounding wall for a truly seamless appearance, which is ideal for embedded wall applications.

Rich I/O Enables System Expansion and Peripheral Integration
UTC-510D(PoE) is designed with rich I/O ports, including built-in dual Gigabit Ethernet (supports wake-on-LAN function), two COMs, and up to five USB ports, that allow the system to be equipped with various peripherals as required. Peripherals such as a magnetic strip reader, NFC/RFID reader, iBeacon module, and barcode scanner can be integrated to extend the system functionalities. UTC-510D(PoE) can also be fitted with LED indicators on the sides to support meeting room management applications. These indicators would enable users to easily determine whether a meeting room has been booked based on whether the LEDs are emitting a green or red light.

Key Features
• Intel® Atom™ processor with capacitive touchscreen and 8 GB of DDR3L memory
• 10.1” LCD with 16:10 widescreen, 1280 x 800 resolution, and 350-nit brightness
• Low-power, fanless system design with IP65-certified front panel
• Removable mounting frame with standard VESA mount holes (75 mm)
• Recessed cable routing and management
• Supports PoE technology
• Rich I/O, including 2 x Gigabit Ethernet, 2 x COM, and up to 5 x USB ports
• Input voltage range (12 ~ 24 V) (with optional DC input)
• Operating temperature (0 ~ 45 °C) facilitates operation of the N2807 SKU
• Optional green and red LED indicators located on the side
• SupportsWindows® Embedded Standard 7, Windows® Embedded Standard 8, Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB 2016, Embedded Linux Ubuntu 14.04, and Android 4.4.2

Apr 20, 2017

UPOS-510 Industrial-grade modularized POS system

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Advantech, a leading industrial computing platform provider, is pleased to announce its UPOS-510 all-in-one, point-of-sale (POS) system with a small footprint. Powered by an Intel® Celeron® J1900/Core™ i processor for extreme performance, UPOS-510 is a sleek, industrial-grade, fanless POS system equipped with a true-flat, borderless touchscreen featuring PCAP touch functionality for maximum responsiveness and easy operation. The IP65-rated front panel protects the system from water and dust, while the system’s compact and modular design enables peripheral integration, installation on countertops with limited space, and deployment for a wide variety of applications. To support further peripheral expansion, the system is equipped with reserve hatches located at the top and sides of the display. The snap-in rear cover and easy-access USB ports allow prompt and easy maintenance, making UPOS-510 the ideal modern, energy-efficient platform for the retail and hospitality industries.

Slim and Powerful POS System Offers Enhanced Brand Promotion
The UPOS-510 is a slim and fanless POS system that features a true-flat, borderless touchscreen. Powered by an Intel® Celeron® J1900/Core™ i processor, UPOS-510 provides a powerful computing platform that delivers stable operation. The system’s stylish appearance and compact size make it suitable for installation in diverse retail and hospitality environments, particularly small countertops and limited spaces. Moreover, the exterior can be customized to fit existing décor or branding for enhanced brand promotion and awareness.

Supports Secondary Displays for an Improved Shopping Experience
UPOS-510 features a modular design that allows the system to support various types of secondary displays and digital signage devices. The system can also be integrated with products such as Advantech’s AIM-37 (with AIM-37 serving as the secondary display) for providing additional advertising space to increase potential purchase opportunities.

Highly Expandable I/O for Easy Maintenance and Superior Data Storage
To reduce system downtime and support diverse retail and hospitalityapplications, UPOS-510 is equipped with easy-access HHD and USB ports, as well as highly expandable I/O. The system’s screw-free rear cover enables easy removal and snap fitting for convenient HDD updates and maintenance. The system cables are routed through the POS stand to facilitate peripheral integration and cable management. UPOS-510 also incorporates RAID technology to ensure superior storage reliability and database recovery capabilities.

Considering the benefits described above, Advantech’s UPOS-510 provides a compact and flexible solution with diverse features that enables retailers, restaurant and hotel owners, and service staff to conveniently manage operations and promote business growth through improved customer service.

Key Features
Intel® Celeron® J1900/Core™ i processor with 8 GB of DDR3L/16 GB of DDR4 memory
Aluminum alloy tower installation stand facilitates deployment in small spaces
Flat, borderless 15.1” PCAP touch panel
Fanless design for quiet operation and reduced power consumption
IP65-rated front panel offers protection from water and dust
Reserve display hatch for integrating modular peripherals to support diverse applications
Highly expandable I/O ensures flexible and convenient integration
Screw-free rear cover design and internally routed cables for efficient cable management
Snap-in rear cover and easy-access USB ports ensure prompt, stress-free maintenance

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