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BÄRO ID luminaire series – Award winning Design Back

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Ontero ID, Intara ID and Pendiro ID: the new ID luminaire series from BÄRO for professional lighting requirements Within the product range BÄRO positions the ID luminaires as top models. They also make a statement in terms of design and technology. The spotlights, recessed luminaires and suspended luminaires are geared to the professional illumination of retail architecture, the presentation of shopping experiences and also the needs of exhibitions and galleries. As a flexible system with several power ratings, light distribution patterns and the unique variety of 12 different LED spectrums that is specific to BÄRO, the ID luminaire series offers a lighting solution tailored to every requirement. The ID luminaire series represents state-of-the-art technology. The innovative and highly efficient LED lighting technology with a hybrid construction combines the advantages of reflector and lens systems. This combination produces a particularly balanced contrast between the focal point and the corona of the light cone. Furthermore, different reflectors in combination with semi-satined cover glass enable clean and soft yet clearly defined light cones to be produced. The LED modules are available with 3 power ratings and 12 different LED spectrums – 4 standard light colours and 8 special light colours, fine-tuned to the natural colours of all different kinds of applications. Camera-capable LED drivers are used. Integrated potentiometers allow customisation of the spotlights' luminous flux. In addition, the series is available as a DALI version. Retailers, retail designers and lighting planners who want to use light optimising natural colours in their projects should therefore not hesitate to contact BÄRO to arrange a consultation in order to take advantage of the company's expertise and experience. We recommend a live demonstration, because a personal impression is more memorable than any verbal description or written explanation, especially where visual phenomena are concerned. Following the principle of "Fresh Light for Fresh Products" the experts from BÄRO bring projects to successful completion – from the design to detailed planning, installation and alignment of the luminaires.

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