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Checkpoint Systems is a global leader in merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, encompassing loss prevention and merchandise visibility. A division of CCL Industries, Checkpoint provides end-to-end solutions enabling retailers to achieve accurate real-time inventory, accelerate the replenishment cycle, prevent out-of-stocks and reduce theft, thus improving merchandise availability and customer experience. Checkpoint's solutions are built upon 45 years of radio frequency technology expertise.

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Apr 20, 2017

Checkpoint Systems’ food label series receives dual certification

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The company’s 4210 EP Food Label ensures fresh and frozen produce is security protected, while adhering to EU regulations – a unique & important offering to the grocery sector.

• Checkpoint Systems’ 4210 EP Food Label has received food and microwave safe certification from ISEGA and TUVRheinland respectively.
• The label is the first solution available that is dual certified, it is also the industry’s smallest food specific label and has market leading security protection.
• The security labels can be applied at source or in-store, with shrinkage proven to decline.
• A new variant of the 4210 for use on frozen food is currently in its trial phase and has also been awarded double certification.

The certification from independent inspection and testing consultancy TUV Rheinland and ISEGA means consumers can safely microwave their purchases, while retailer’s products are protected against any contamination from the label’s adhesive.

The label delivers market leading detection and is one of the smallest available. In addition, the 4210 ‘frozen label’ benefits from a unique adhesive that is designed to bond with frozen food and UV-coated Mylar packaging.

ISEGA certification protects against adhesive migration

Flavio Musci, Director EAS Consumables EMEA for Checkpoint Systems, commented: “When you look at a piece of meat wrapped in store, you assume the packaging is a barrier. However, at molecular level, it is not. It’s deliberately designed to let oxygen in and out to stop the meat from discolouring. Certain compounds in label adhesives can migrate through the packaging and breach current EU regulations on ‘articles intended to come into contact with food.”

After thorough testing, the ISEGA found that Checkpoint’s 4210 label ensures consumer safety, guaranteeing that potentially harmful chemicals do not come into contact with meat products. This provides an added level of protection for retailers.

TUV certification deems safe to defrost in a microwave

Extensive TUV testing revealed security labels from other manufacturers showed browning around the edges during microwaving and in some cases, caught fire during the process, making the product potentially unsafe for consumers. Checkpoint’s 4210 EP Food Label series passed all tests without incident.

Smaller, yet better protection from theft

The new label is easily integrated @Source, into price and scale labels across all packaging options, including plastic wrap or soaker pads.

Featuring enhanced RF-EAS performance, the 4210 label is perfect for grocery retailers that need to protect high risk meat or cheese products. The solution is designed to improve in- store efficiency, enabling retailers to increase on-shelf availability.

Flavio Musci continued: “Latest research1 has shown that food products, including luxury meats, are increasingly being singled out by dishonest shoppers. Over the festive period retailers will see a host of products targeted. Tagging @Source will enable stores to reduce shrink through theft and maximise sales during the busy seasonal months.”

Another new member to the Food Label series is the 4215 label – also dual certified – which can be integrated into in-store fresh meat counter label printers. Trial results show a minimum 40% reduction in shrink on selected cut and wrapped meats at counters since introducing the integrated RF solution – potentially saving supermarkets hundreds of thousands of pounds annually.

A video outlining the benefits of the 4210 EP Food Label family from Checkpoint Systems is available for viewing at

1 2016 Retail Holiday Season Global Forecast, Checkpoint Systems (October 2016)

Apr 20, 2017

Checkpoint Systems launches solution updates to help brick and mortar stores improve customer experience

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EVOLVE-Store™ technology gives retailers the tools they need to measure, monitor and manage their stores with data to help them sell more and lose less.

Checkpoint Systems a world leader in merchandise availability and loss prevention solutions for the retail industry, has launched their latest EVOLVE-Store™ update, which includes support for more sensing devices that enable retailers to improve their in-store operations and customer experience.

Dynamic implementation of EVOLVE-Store means retailers can select the key areas of improvement in their stores. By using data from selected sources, such as the store footfall, number of ORC type threat alerts, fitting room usage and Guarding response to EAS systems, store managers can achieve visibility through one platform. Estate-wide, head offices can then collect this data, compare and benchmark the performance of individual stores and assess staff interactions. These insights can be tailored to suit every retailer’s needs according to the vertical market they operate in.

EVOLVE-Store works seamlessly with both RF and RFID EAS technologies. The solution enables retailers that already use RFID for asset tracking to cost effectively make the switch to using the same labels for loss prevention in-store.

Three key components work together to form EVOLVE-Store:
1. EVOLVE-Store Network - combining different sensing devices into a single network allowing retailers to capture event data across all stores.
2. EVOLVE-Store App - as well as encouraging compliance, the App provides stores with real-time visibility of the sensing devices’ data allowing their staff to react immediately and respond to important events that may impact their stores profitability or shopper’s experience.
3. EVOLVE-Store Analytics – helps the retailer to drive store Loss Prevention policy compliance, monitor the value of your guarding, offering chain-wide visibility of sensing devices’ data as well as staff interactions via the App to help benchmark and compare each store’s performance and identify areas for improvement by measuring the effectiveness of their processes.
EVOLVE-Store is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution’, it delivers different benefits depending on the store format and retail sector through a suite of LP-focused Solution Applications. Retailers are given the information they need to ensure staff proactively engage with shoppers at the right time to drive a sale, organically deter opportunistic thefts, reduce shrink and increase on-shelf availability. Operators can also instantly identify key internal and external challenges, ensuring a quick response, with minimal disruption to the store environment.

EVOLVE-Store aids enterprise level reporting, giving teams chain-wide visibility into what is happening right across their estate. This empowers the retailer to benchmark and improve each store’s performance, while also identifying and providing support for high risk stores.

Simon Edgar, Senior Director, Product Management at Checkpoint Systems, commented: “The rise in omni-channel shopping is driving retailers to make key investments in their inventory management to conquer the current and growing demand and fulfil customer expectations. With customers choosing how they want to shop and where, it’s crucial for retailers to match in-store experience to their online service.

“Retailers need to be aware that each new in-store technology introduced with the aim of aiding customer service and reducing cost, can often also expose a security risk. Bringing together people, products and processes, the three key elements to getting the best return on loss prevention investment is essential. EVOLVE-Store™ helps retailers to combine these elements together giving visibility and control while delivering an effective solution that works in harmony with store operations and provides a strong return on investment.”

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