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Chalco BrandLife is our intelligent heart, it includes a PIM for channel agnostic content management platform for the creation, management, optimisation and delivery to channel for your valuable assets. The platform is adapted to meet your strategic needs to provide the optimal flow for controlling your assets to make sure the digital supply chain is optimised and delivers a consistent quality across all channels. Hyphen support companies on the path towards an optimised digital supply chain. Our consultative approach to review the processes and requirements, helps us to design the most suitable technological solutions. We also help to optimise production workflows for communication and sales materials, cutting costs, improving content quality across multiple channels, saving time and resources. Hyphen has an extensive experience in integrating, managing and transferring digital information through our unique set of technological tools, which facilitate the automated content delivery to feed e-commerce sites, flyers and catalogues, POS materials, packaging production. Our SaaS or install solutions manage the complete end 2 end workflows, permissions and processes for all the users, which can be automated and tailored according to the project requirements.

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