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If there’s one area of merchandising where great looks and attention to detail really matters, it’s cosmetics. Momentum Instore have spent 15 years developing a deep understanding of this highly demanding field and are proud to be known throughout our industry as the cosmetic merchandising specialists. By the nature of the products on sale, instore displays can be particularly complex and require a well-trained eye and delicate touch. For that reason, we’ve created our own team of experts who work exclusively on cosmetics merchandising. Our service includes: •Cosmetic Updates •SPRG Audits •New Store Merchandising & Refits •Promotional Window Displays •Remerchandising Drives •Deep Clean & Maintenance •Counter Vinyls •Compliance Checks •Lightbox Updates •New Product Launches

Product Categories:

Digital screens / signage | Furniture, Furnishings and Fixtures (including display cases, storage, etc) | In-store media, music, video, special effects and aromas | Non-digital signage, graphics, large format print | Point of Sales / Point of Purchase (includes permanent and semi-permanent plus kiosks) | Shelving, racks, showcases, counters and packaging | Visual Merchandising, displays, mannequins


Cosmetic Merchandising

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