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V-Count Heatmap is specifically designed to calculate the occupancy of certain areas within your stores. The device does this by tracking the number of visitors coming in and out of a particular area. They are retailers’ most preferred choice to calculate the number of visitors that spend time in a predefined area. In order to cover a larger area V-Count Heatmap is equipped with fish eye lenses. When the two devices complement each other the comprehension of customer behaviour gets much clearer. When people counters give overall visitor data, heatmap provides engagement data for a specific area. Thanks to our heatmap device data, success of certain areas can be measured, and this knowledge can be applied to other areas that have lower performances. Heatmap Web V-Count Heatmap transfers data with either PoE network cable or Wi-Fi connection. Heatmap devices equip you with the necessary data to measure the performance of promotions, point-of-sale material, product placements and all kinds of campaigns for specific areas within your locations.

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Business Intelligence | Customer Counting


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