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G1 Retail Digital Price Tag

Readable, connected and engaging, G1 retail labels address today’s needs in the retail and non-retail sectors. High quality e-paper displays offer perfect readability and enable shopper connectivit...
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G10 Mobile Tablet

Easy configured to meet the diverse requirements of mobile Windows and Android applications in retail, hospitality. Featuring a modular design, the G10 introduces the mix-and-match architecture wi...
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G8 Mobile Tablet

A highly configurable mobile platform that fits comfortability in your hand and in your business. Offering a choice of Windows 10 or Android, the G8 features a modular design easily customize throu...
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Golden wall display

Golden wall display used for commercial interior design
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Graphic Design ( Print & Web)

business identity, brochure, flyer, vector, illustration, infographic, multi lingual adaptation of both offline and online digital production
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GT 10

The GT-10 is not just some Android tablet retrofitted for HR purposes. It embodies over 20 years of engineering excellence and has been deployed everywhere from retail environments in the UK to the...
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G-Tag S

The dynamic and interactive label. The G-Tag S is able to manage animated data sequences which can be adapted to any sales scenarios. Associated with the NFC technology, they interact with consumers.
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