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Ober and its 3 brands at the show

The designer has always been inspired by Ober’s know-how. This French company, with every intention of staying French, boasts enticing values: high standards, innovation, eco-responsibility and des...
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Office 365 Empowering the Workforce with Professional Mobility Tools

The solution of choice to connect your workforce. Draw on the outstanding benefits of leading-edge messaging and collaboration tools, unencumbered by on-premises servers. Enjoy exceptional security...
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Omnichannel Module

The Omnichannel module uses channel, customer, sales, product, vendor, and logistics activity to identify opportunities for improving omnichannel execution and process effectiveness, creating a sea...
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Omni-Channel Solutions

Whether you are new to e-commerce or run an established omni-channel business, SIX can meet all your payment needs.
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Oneview Commerce Digital Store Platform

The most comprehensive next-generation store system of it’s kind, OneView’s Digital Store Platform has the ability to capture a multitude of data from in store, online and mobile channels, as well ...
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Oneview Commerce Inventory Management

Built with the latest technologies and available either in a SaaS or on-premises model, OneView's Inventory Management solution takes live feeds of real-time buys and sells via its service layer, a...
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Oneview Commerce Promotions Engine

OneView’s promotion engine was developed in close collaboration with its customers, who agree that while not all promotions will fire in every channel, a centralized engine is the only way to ensur...
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OPH-1005 with App Builder

The scanner is lightweight, fast and advanced. A scanner transformed into a handheld computer with scanning capabilities. This device is a batch scanner, with the size of a regular phone, storing t...
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OPH-3001 with App Builder

The OPH-3001 is designed to make scanning a comfortable experience, especially if scanning is required often. The ergonomic design includes a soft grip, a curved scan head for relieve stress from t...
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ORQUEST came about with the ambitious desire to provide support to companies in human resource-heavy industries where customer service quality is key, in order to drastically improve decision-makin...
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